Support For Families, Partners, Children & Young People

This service is provided for individuals, couples, family groups, children and parents who are concerned about or affected by someone else's emotional well-being or problem behaviour.

If you know someone who is experiencing relationship or emotional difficulties or having problems with anxiety, depression, anger, self-harm, eating disorder, drugs, alcohol, etc and would like some support for yourself, then IMPACT's Families & Friends Service will be able to help you.

"Why do I need counselling? They’re the problem!"

Being affected by a difficult relationship or someone else’s behaviour can affect your emotional or psychological health, showing itself through things like depression or anxiety and in some instances you may be using unhelpful strategies to cope with your situation. Sometimes as a result of someone else’s problems, your confidence and self-esteem is reduced.

Come and have a confidential chat with a qualified Counsellor/Psychotherapist who understands the problem and will not judge you or the person you care about – don’t suffer in silence! We will ensure that your own needs are met whilst also providing therapeutic relationship interventions, and advice/information on how best to support and motivate change in the person you are worried about.

Take the opportunity to get some breathing space. Our counsellors can carry out relaxation and mindfulness exercises with you to help improve your emotional and psychological well-being.

Previous clients of our Family Service have said:

  • "Supporting family and friends is as important as supporting the person in addiction themselves, in order to facilitate change"
  • "It has been very helpful to find a platform to voice my feelings. As a couple we felt that we could share openly."
  • "It changed our lives for the better."
  • "At a time when it felt my family and my marriage was falling apart your support helped us deal with the problem."
  • "Exceptional – I would not be here writing this without IMPACT’s support."

If you prefer a group: There is an opportunity to gain support from people who have had similar experiences and have an understanding of the problems encountered whilst supporting someone with mental health problems or addictive behaviours. You are the ‘experts by experience’ and that is why we offer peer support at the Family and Friends Support Group. This is a small, friendly and warm group where you are not made to talk if you don’t want to. It is held on the first Thursday of every month, at Portico House, Vineyard Road, Wellington from 7.30pm until 9pm. Anyone is welcome to drop in.


Counselling in Telford & Wrekin and Shropshire.